Be the good…

Since the election, there has been a lot of talk among progressives about us “going high when they go low” and taking this opportunity to show the world that we are good, we are caring, we are loving, welcoming and tolerant.

Judging from this blog in which I rant about a lot of topics, it might be hard to tell that I do consider myself to be a force for good in the lives of those around me. I am a big believer in putting out positive energy. That doesn’t always mean that I feel positive, but I try to be polite, non-confrontational, kind and generous to everyone. It just doesn’t serve anyone to be easily angered, offended or rude. There are plenty of those kind of people and I prefer to be the kind yin to their unkind yang.

If your own life is a mess, it can be difficult to see past yourself to be the good, and if you find that there is nothing left to give to others, that’s ok. Just move on. Hopefully someone will come along, have some extra to spare and fill your cup just a little bit.

I have a friend who always has time to give advice and just listen, even if she is going through her own crises, of which there seem to be many. Some people just have the capacity to give even when their own life is falling apart at the time. I want to be one of those people. I don’t have to like you or agree with you or carry your burdens, but I’m not going to let an encounter with me ruin your day if I can help it. Just imagine if everyone you came in contact with during the days really tried to act on that principle. What an amazing world we would live in.