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You can’t have it both ways

This week there has been much talk about abortion in the news and on social media. I really should steer clear of reading the latest because as a woman who had an abortion 32 years ago, I still get triggered. I would never presume that all women had the same experience as I did, but it was not something I would ever do again and it was extremely unpleasant and anxiety-provoking.

Those who call themselves pro-choice state that it’s a woman’s choice what to do with her body. I don’t completely buy that argument because even though I agree that it’s her body, it’s not just her body. Usually, abortions are performed sometime after 8 weeks and before 20 weeks gestation. At that point, science determines that the mother and the fetus are separate entities. It’s not just a “part of the woman’s body”, it’s a separate life. By acknowledging that, I’m not changing my pro-choice stance because there are some instances in which the mother’s life and ability to continue functioning in the world will be seriously jeopardized if the fetus is carried to term. It’s not a perfect world. Circumstances sometimes suck. Adoption is not always a choice that can be made.

It’s important for pro-choice people to back up their positions with rational conclusions. If you cannot accept the fact that the fetus is a “life”, separate and apart from its mother, then perhaps you need to go back and reread some scientific literature.  If that fact makes you squeamish about abortion, hey, I understand. However, please do not resort to the christian bible to back up your claims. The god of the christian bible, if you believe it literally, was a cruel man who routinely killed his people and ordered born and unborn children to be slain. There are also passages in the bible that (wrongly, because science) suggest that life isn’t life until the baby is out of the womb. That’s bullshit, sorry.  You can use the bible, cherry-pick it to death, to back up your opinions on any number of subjects. Please don’t do that, atheists and others who are pro-choice. Otherwise, the battle for choice becomes a scripture shouting match and you lose your credibility.

None of that matters. If you cannot justify your position without using a fictional text which was never meant to be a guide for health and science, you need to change your argument. This goes for all medical decisions. An abortion is more than a talking point for politicians. It’s more than a bumper sticker. This is a woman’s life and the life of a fetus we’re talking about and most often, the decision is not made lightly. Support the women in your life by recognizing that they should make important decisions based on reality, not what was written in a religious text.


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