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While we argue about things that really don’t matter…

Four days since the altercation in D.C. among MAGA hat wearing kids, a Native American, and some Black Israelites. People are STILL debating this bullshit.  Friends and family are divided, yelling back and forth about whose side is right. I experienced this on Facebook just last night while attempting to explain to my right-wing cousin that we are all being played like pawns in the chess game that is American politics/media.

Meanwhile, the government shutdown has gone on longer than any other. 

Children are locked up in cages and some are dying.

Three men and a teenager are accused of making homemade bombs in preparation for the bombing of a Muslim community in New York state.

A woman in a vegetative state was raped and gave birth.

All over this country, those who are vulnerable are still being harmed. They’re not safe. We’re not safe. As a woman, I never feel safe. We put our faith in those who are supposed to protect us and we’re let down.

If you really think an incident in which no one was harmed or killed is that important then perhaps you have too much time on your hands. Maybe it’s easier to debate things that don’t matter in the long run.

In a couple of days (hopefully), the Catholic schoolboys, the Native American and the Black Israelites will be old news. All over the country, shit that really matters will still be happening and all over the internet, you’ll hear crickets.


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From bad to worse.

Unfortunately, the orange asshole is now in charge and we the people are paying the price. There is not much that I can say that hasn’t been said already. The women’s marches on January 21 seemed to spark a movement and even I was surprised at the turnout around the world. It made me happy to see so many people standing up for what is right. Unfortunately, we are more divided than ever. Many of us are worried that our personal lives are going to be negatively affected by the actions of those in power.  Personally, I am afraid.  I am afraid that those of us with dissenting voices will be targeted.  I am afraid that I will no longer have health insurance.  I am afraid that my husband will lose his social security  disability and Medicare.  If that happens, he might die and that is not hyperbole. I am afraid that the economy will get so bad that jobs will be lost.  The apocalyptic vision with Trump in charge is nothing less than bleak. If you don’t believe that, you’re either crazy or blind to the truth.  Betsy DeVos is on tap to be the new Education Secretary.  A woman who knows absolutely NOTHING about education will be running our country’s educational system.  I pray that my son will not lose his teaching job. Don’t even get me started on Steve Bannon.  He is evil.

Friends, we are facing dark days ahead unless we act.

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Post-election Bullshit

I didn’t vote for the orange asshole and if you did, don’t come here explaining why you did. I don’t give a flying fuck.  I don’t care if you have gay friends or family, or if your favorite co-worker is black.  It doesn’t matter one iota what you think of Muslims, Mexicans, women, gays, trans people, women who have had an abortion, liberals, progressives or the poor, down on their luck white lower class.  I’m sick to death of your excuses.  If you are proud of your vote and can respect the man, that’s your right in this (once) great country.

I have read more articles than I care to this week which attempts to explain how 50% of the United States felt that an arrogant, abusive, racist, shallow, UNQUALIFIED man was fit to be our leader.  By the way, I capitalized UNQUALIFIED because personality flaws aside, he is UNQUALIFIED.  I get it.  You don’t like Hillary Clinton.  She’s an easy scapegoat for the disgruntled masses and always has been. If you are a Christian and still thought DT was a better choice than any of the other choices, I have the least respect of all for you.  Case in point:  a friend of mine admitted she voted for him because Hillary Clinton is in favor of abortion.  This friend is not dumb.  She simply has been misled by DT, who claimed he would punish a woman who had an abortion.  I’m not going to debate my position on abortion here because it’s irrelevant.  One issue voters actually thought DT is opposed to abortion.

Oh, the poor misunderstood white working class.  They have seen their jobs go away and their quality of life has gone downhill.  Yes, that is true.  It has gotten bad in some small towns.  I actually read an article which implied that the white working class  hates the black poor because they have gotten “breaks” while they have not. Hey, it’s your own fault if you refuse government assistance.  If you choose not to get food stamps even though you’re qualified because you are too proud, that’s no one’s fault but your own, buddy. For years I have heard whites put down blacks, referring to “welfare queens” like they were somehow inferior to them. Well, as far as I can see, the playing field is not level and never has been. You do know why most of the inner cities are comprised of poor blacks, don’t you?  Here is some reading if you don’t know.  It is not the fault of the black person that they are where they are just like it is not the fault of the poor or working class white that their factories are shut down and their communities are dying.  DT promised to bring back the jobs for those white people.  He is their savior.  He is the one who will once again turn the tide and magically get those jobs back.  Where are the jobs for the inner city blacks?  I’ll tell you where they are.  They are working at the McDonald’s for minimum wage or 3 bus rides away in a suburban Walmart.  Hey.. I’m starting to see some similarities here, aren’t you?  We know that poor whites are racists because they they like to see poor blacks (or blacks in general or Mexicans) as lower on the rung of social stature.

Little story for you.  My Dad’s parents were high school dropouts.  My Dad was the first one in the family to go to college.  He has white male privilege, but he was not brought up in wealth. Not by any stretch.  Even though he was brought up in a home of uneducated people who espoused racist views from time to time, he didn’t embrace those views himself.   He could have turned out just like his parents; however, he is a staunch liberal and raised us to be the same.  We were not rich and we could have easily become a family of white people who feared and even resented blacks.  Or gays.  I was taught to stand up for the little guy and fight with the underdog and this election means that I have to continue that fight for what is right.  What is right is not fear (because we all know that racism is a form of fear) of what is different, it’s sticking up for the marginalized.